PX 125 or 200

My freind has bought an old PX and was told that it had a 200cc engine in it. What is the way to tell if the engine is 125cc or 200cc.

Also can a 125cc casing house a 200cc piston etc etc ?

…and does it do 45 or 65 ? [:look:]

Try this database: http://www.scooterhelp.com/serial/ves.motor.serial.numbers.html

It worked on my engine.


If you know what your looking for you can tell by the exhaust but its difficult to describe on a thread. Easy way is to take the carb box top off and have a look at the carb. Ifts a 20/20 its a px. If its 24/24 its a p200.
The top ends are not interchangeable