px 125 kit

is anybody tried a pinasco 177 , malossi reed and longstroke crankshaft? I’m working on it, and would like to know your opinion about.

Is the hp difference between pinasco 177 and polini 177 ported that big?[:rotate:]

thank you Stubbsy for your reply.

ive tried them, but just as bolt on with simo and polini pipes respectfully, no crank, reed etc, this is my opinion with these 2 kits, i firstly tried the pollini, its a sport kit it will blow the shit off a pinasco,but didnt last very long, as the old iron kits dont,finally tracked down a pinasco from roller, a touring kit, and at a very good price, bolted it on ,ran it in , opened it up, [[:O]] nowhere near the pollini, but they are reliable as hell i was actually quite shocked with the difference between them, but for reliability pinnasco wins all day, if only they made them for the t5 again what a kit! as all 80s men would agree