PWK 28mm carb on PX125

I am planning to fit a PWK 28mm carb on my standard PX125 with the the plan of either a DR kit or a PX150 top end as the next upgrade.
The PWK is an original carb not copy so has all the adjustments and is a 28mm round bore not the 28/30 oval bore as available from ScootRS.

Is this a good idea?
The carb will allow me to add the upgrade cylinder and exhaust with only jet changes once I install buy and install them.

Your thoughts??


Thanks Jaun, I have an option of buying a PWK 28mm very cheap and brand new, so I was checking what others have done and thought would work best.

After market carbs like Mallossi and Poloni are very expensive in NZ, but I’m sure I can find a 24/24 off a PX200 for a reasonable price.



I wouldn’t bother with it unless you’re running a highly tuned Malossi or Polini,the standard carb or a 24/24 will be far easier to set up and will be perfectley adequate for your application.