Proper Jetting/Setup with Pinasco 177 Kit/Advice

Haven’t been 100% Satisfied with Performance
of my set up:
177 Pinasco Kit
Si 24E Carb
Sito Plus Exhaust
Tried Rejetting 160-BE 4 & 122 Main
and Blew a Ring!!!
Pinasco says 114 Main is Maximum!
They also say a 5mm hole modification to the
Air Filter is necessary!
Any other good advice out there?


Have you had any luck finding out about this?

I’m running a similar set-up except a SIP pipe but there is no way a 114 main is the biggest you can go. I’m running a 160, BE3, 116 and it’s still lean at the top end. Where did you read/hear this from Pinasco?



Would you mind shooting me those instructions? I would really appreciate it.

[email protected]



I spoke to Georgio of Pinasco in Italy and he
e-mailed me back set up instructions of their kit…
He wrote seperately 114 being the Max; who knows?
Maybe thats on the T 5 Carb.
(Examining my piston I think I blew a ring for an-
other reason But definately in their instuctions they
illustrate with a photo and text an increase in the diameter
of a specific hole in the air filter to 5mm…
Thanx for your input…:

idle 55-160
160 BE3 126
18degre BTDC
20/20 carb air filter drilled for both jets with 7mm and 5mm
Sterling LHS expansion exhaust from 2007
1% premix 2T added to tank plus autolube
I’m running slightly rich at this but still running in at around 100miles