Problems with vespatronic

Hello, i have problems with my vespatronic, impossible to carb, and the light are not regulated, i think the coil ignition doesn`t works well.

what can i do?, can i send it to you to check it?...



can you tell me first what parts do you got ??





hi ..

i ve checked your account, do you bought the vespatronic at sip ??

i dont think so, because you talked about sending the vespatronic to us ...


i think you made a mistake with the wiring !


check the wiring diagram

hi ...


can you give me your customer number and a ringphone number ??


so maybe i can help you

my customer number 53750000

my ringphone number 0034 676 14 63 95


Cosa clutch

pinasco 236 cc (80's kit 7 transfers)

original crank

dell'orto 30 mm

original opened exhaust