I have a problem with the Sip digital speedo, installed in a PX.

everything is connected ok, but many times the clock and other applicattions restart to 0..

Any one who has the same problem??



Hi, I have a simular problem, the clock sometimes restart at 0. It could happen when I turn the key on and sometimes I can se, when I turn the key on, that the clock has restarted on standstill. First I thought that I may have a poor battery, but it can also happen after a 60 km tour.

Hi, I've got one installed on my VBB 150, same problem here, after some searching on the forums here it seems that we need to use a spark plug with a resistor built in, so for example if your running NGK B6HS you'd try a NGK BR6HS..

I just bought one a couple of days ago and am going to put it in today, also it's very very easy to break so you may need a spare, I broke mine while seeing what spark plug I had in there..


I'll update after I've fitted the new spark plug..