Problems rebuilding primavera!

hi everyone

i have attempted to rebuild my primavera after replacing the kickstart oil seal… ‚O‘ ring!!

BUT i have a big problem… i now have little resistance on the kickstart lever and get little or no drive ‚power‘ 1st/2nd gear

I have stripped and rebuilt twice and get the same problem…

I think it may be down to the ‚christmas tree gear‘ not meshing into the main gears correctly. WHAT DO YOU THINK???

Also… the chirstmas tree gear is obstructed by a ‚lug‘ in the cases and has to be put into the empty half first before putting the cases together… IS THIS RIGHT???

I have considered removing this ‚lug‘ to make the job easier… SHOULD I DO THIS???

please help !!! [:@]

Ah its ages since i’ve rebuilt a smallframe engine and without one in front of me its difficult to remember but I’ll try an help as you’ve had no replys. First off don’t remove any lugs if it went together once it will do again. The xmas tree must be sweat fitted into the engine case first. Are you removing the clutch and primary cog/clutch basket first. The xmas tree must be fitted into the flywheel side case first and meshed into the final drive gears from the clutch end by hand. Also make sure the kickstart cog is the right way around and that the spring is there. Hope this is of some help. Post again if you are still struggling