Problems / Bugs in the new SIP Community?

You are having problems with our new community? Cannot login, don´t find your posts?
Whatever it is, please help us and report all problems in this thread.
We will work on your problem immediately and also publish the solution in this thread!

Hi mikkke,

can you please tell me, if you always logon at the shop system with the same username.
Which username is it? This will help me analyzing your problem.

The sausage-woman

Hello Mikkke.

We have now changed your Account. From now on your login should be connected to the "real" mikkke account.

ralf can you do that for me also as my first account wqas sanderson2 then yesturdy  i did not have to sign in and it gave me sanderson21 i changed it back to sanderson2  but now there is 2 sanderson2 accounts with differents post’s but they are all mine i only registerd the once

Hi Ralf,

I have problems too when I log sometimes my username is mikkke (the good one) and sometimes my username is mikkke1, with difference also in the cashpoints, the posts and so on, .....

Please check.


Thanks a lot Ralf




Hi Ralf.


I'm only seeing the newest posts,is there a way to access the main page so as to browse as per normal?



Have you used a different email adress in the old board?
Then the problem is that another account with your username but a different email was found by the login-logic.
Therefore it created a new account for you with the email adress you use in the shop system and extended your username with the "1".

You can change your forumname in your user area => "my community profile" => "edit profile".
Here you can remove the "1" from your username and click on "save" That's it [:)]

I didn't change anything, it seems that I'm not alone in the same case....

What about my cashpoints???

I posted 281 posts and earned 1726 cashpoints, where are they??

Ralf, you started the post so what is your idea about this, man!

That seems to work fine,thanks.

hm, seems you have a filter on the topics. What if you select „Forum“ from the menu on the left? In your profile you can also select boards and your board language. Check these settings as well.
Let me know if that works for you!

Yes, my logon is set automatic in Windows XP, my username is mikkke