Problem with sip rev and speed tacho

I ´ve  got a little bit problems with my new Sip tacho:

Rev Counter/Speedometer SIP

made by


I haven´t got battery and when I´m installing it like the bible says my spark disappears?

Wtf??  Black-ground, red- in coming power (RED) and brown- to red or light´s

Is this already broken or is it just me?





Have just finish installing new Speedo-Revcounter on my Rally with PX engine without battery. The meter looks niv´ce and i am satisfied except the speedometer (km/h) do not work, samt as trip. Everything else is working. The heat sensor its not installed.

The wire is in good shape and work with may original speedo.

1. Do anyone now whats wrong?

2. And what RPM pulse setting is correct on my engine?


Best regards Tor Inge Paulsberg, Gjøvik Norway


please look that all connections are fine and there is a very good grounding needed! Best to frame or engine direct