problem with sip digital speedometer


I'm Marc, SIP dealer in Belgium.

One of my client have this problem with his sip digital speedometer that I installed (part nr 50000710).

He wrote me this :

Along the way the counter go crazy every time. After a good twenty minutes drive, it says 199 km / h and then nothing like speed. The needle Tours has also disappears going on the max. Just the temperature and time remaining. The space of km / h becomes completely empty. And it's really every time

Do you have any idea what is happening ???

Thanks for your help !


I am having a problem with my recently installedvSIP digital speedo as well.

All function worked properly for two days.

i adjusted the tire circumference input yesterday, and now the Speed always reads "0".

i have checked that the setting input "2" for the speedo reads "Int" for internal.

all other functions including CHT work correctly.


is the a "Factory Reset" that can be performed to try and solve this?


(I have a spare brand new "black box" here too if you think that May be my problem)


thanks!  Neil C.

Hey Marc,

it sounds like problems with the blackbox.

Send it to us (just speedo and blackbox) and we test it and when its crashed you´ll get a new one.

Greetz Jan


I bought my speedo 2015, and installed it on my sprint. In end of last season i got the same problem as description earlier in this tread. I have tried to find a solution without success...

But now i found this, so I need a new blackbox. Do you replace the new or do I need to order one?

Micke J


thanks for the answer !

Ok, i will do that this week.

Hi !

Could you tell me the procedure for such a case and shipment?
name of the contact person and department
exact address

Thank you !


just send it with the returnform back to us.

The technical support will check the parts and contact you.


Best whishes