Problem with rear seat lock


Maybe you can help me, I've just removed a rear luggage carrier (Vigano model) from a PX125 Vespa. While doing so, I unscrewed the rear pointy nut that locks the seat along with the lock itself. But the bolt fell inside and I can't find a way to reach it. Now I can't put back the pointy nut and can't lock my new seat. Do you know a way to get to that bolt?

I hope you understand what I'm talking about and that you can help me.

Regards and Happy New Year 2014!


you have to lift the petrol and oil tank out by taking off the seat and undoing the 2 rear bolts. also oil and petrol pipe will have to come off from the carb, with a bolt or something to block the oil from flowing out of the hose. Both of these will probably have gone quiet hard and will need to be replaced.

Then its a matter of fishing around under the bolt area to find your nut and washer. A magnet helps alot.

Once you reconnect the oil pipe, youll need to add 3% 2 stroke oil to the tank so the oil pump can "prime"

It can be a pain but a scooter shop could do it in and hour for you.