Problem with PK fork + Bitubo + 3.50 tire

Hello Everybody.

I have just converted my VBB to use a PK XL2 fork. I am using a PK bitubo shock. Now the issue is: with a 3.50x10 tire the shock rubs on tire side wall, it needs about 4-5mm more clearance. I have changed the front tire temporarily to a 3.00x10 and that has fixed it, but the 3.00 looks funny on a large frame, like a pizza cutter...

Some have suggested I make the mounting hole oval to move the shock to the right more, but i dont like that idea. It does not leave much material for the mounting. At the top of the shock is easy, SIP have a 4mm or 8mm offset top shock mounting.

So my only issue now is how to make the bottom of the shock move out 4-8mm...

Any idea please?