Problem with orders

Hi, I made an order the 30th of august and a person on the hotline said me that he didn’t find it. So he said me to do it again. I made an new order today, but I think I still have the same problem. I received an email that confirm my order.

In the mail, it’s written that to see my order status I have to go to user’s area in My Package section, but I don’t have that section. I have one called My Parcels, but it’s empty.

I paid two times with my credit card on the online shop (one for the order in August and one today), nothing happened to my bank account for the moment. I hope to don’t pay two times for almost the same order.

I would like to know if you have my new order and if the first one is cancelled.
How can I see my order status, and when will I receive it?

Regards, Olivier.