Problem with my P200E

Recently I have rebuilt my Vespa, except for the barrel & Piston… But
everything else is new, but the bike seems sluggish through the Gears and
when I am in top Gear and if I throttle down and then open up again the bike
seems to be Starved of petrol and will either Die or Response after a few
seconds…Can you please forward on any suggestions as to why this may Occur
as it has me Totally baffled…

Anyone with any ideas ???

Thanks Guys, I`ve a new carb and fuel tank on it, tried all these, but maybe the trottle cable is opening th e slide enoght !!!

Keep the ideas coming !!!

Alright mike maybe your timing could be out a little, just a guess[:dance3:] [:dance3:] [:dance3:]

thanks guys, if these suggestions dont sort the problem, Ive got major problems !!!

Thanks again!![:bounce:]

You may need to clean out the fuel tank as if there is crap in the bottom of the tank it could be clogging the pipe as the petrol leaves the tank and starves the bike of juice as you need it most.
Worth a try before pulling the carb apart maybe !

it`s ticking over fine and yea I put in a new stator plate on it a few weeks ago. As far as I know, the seals are o.k.

Next time it happens turn off the fuel immediately, pull over and take the top off the carb. If it`s fuel starving the bowl (where the float lives) will be empty or close it it. If this is the case then the float may be catching on the side.

…another possibility…Was the fuel line replaced? If so it may be too long. This will cause starving too.

Good luck

Hello Mike, i`m not 100% about this but have you checked your carb as i had this problem on my T5 and it got progressivley worse and it was my carb slider sticking hope this helps bud
[:dance3:] [:dance3:] [:dance3:]

How is it ticking over is it eratic or steady away , have you put new electronics on it , are your seals seated correctly