Problem whith tuned vespa


my project is finelly ready.

now i have some problems !!!

my engine does not stop running after i close the ignition key ( keeps idling)

one front blinker does not work and sip tacho falls away when i use the switches.

what did i wrong!!!!!

it's a 200 px with 210 malossi, 60mm crank, vespatronic (ignition timing 17°), tassinari reed, s&s exhaust, pwk35 airstriker.

the bike runs like a bomb !!!!

is it possible that the ground isn't good because i have repaint the vespa.



It seems that for pinasco 225 + 60mm stroke, vespatronic should be set at 21 deg.

I did not have time to try..pls let me know



I have similar set up, Pinasco 225 cc, 60 mm crank, but I have been adviced to set timing at 25 with vespatronic? is it correct?


Hi, I have the same problem,


Coudl I ask how you were able to overcome this problem.


Cheers Ric


 I've solved the problems

since vespatronic is a variable ignition if you set the timingat 2000rpm it will be more Advanced then at 6000.

But remember you have a 60mm crank. set it slight retarded from the mark that it is used in the instruction for the 200.