Problem running my malossi 166 rev prob?


    New to the forum, live in south west wales.  My prob is I have a mallossi 166 kit fitted,24/24 si carb running on a 120 main jet ,200 gears with T5 4th gearing set up, cosa clutch, crank cut and cylinder poarted and matched, put a new lml side engine case with built in lml reed opining with lml reed valves pre mix 3%.  I had engine running fine with simonni exhaust with real good speed top and pull.  The exhaust is sounding bit old now.  Then just recently I have a problem with the revs on it, it does not die back down to tick over it has a delay in dying down.  Also I have had a prob when ridding and I hit around 65mph the engine seems to die., I sure it was not a piston seize as wheel did not lock.  If any body has any ideas I'd be very greatfull as I hate being of the road and don't want to go leaving the problem and things getting woarse.  I have had some one suggest an air leak in the carb? Thanks for reading and happy scootering darren.  Oh also would any one recomend running a koso 30mil carb on the scoot, as have brand new one which I bought to fit but would be good to hear any body elses thoughts on it.

thanks ill check it out to see which one is in, thanks for the advice darren



it would be good to use the 30mill carb!


If you want to drive si 24 please check the throttle slide

is has to look like this



if your slide is with pockets like this :


- change it




Hi dude

could you please write a bit shorter and comprehendibler your engine problem, i understood only that it seem to you that your engine dies at hi refs ...



hi sorry aout that.  What is going on is, when i start the scooter its fine.  Then after ridding it for a few miles it cuts out and starts back up suddenly, this may happen a couple of times, which it seems to kick back to life with out stopping.  Then it wii stop running at all.  Ill leave the scoot for 5/10mins and it will start up again.  If you know of what might cause this would be of great help. cheers darren