Problem of delivery - To Hanno (partner in the invoice)

Hallo Hanno,

I've mailed to [email protected] but no answer.
To resume, I've received  :

- and payed a product that I never ordered (piston rally 180 - art nr 19420000)  !!!??? Strange, isn't it ?
- a product (emblem seat - art nr 18123600) 

which isn't that one sees in foto on the website ( The foto shown on the site look like the emblem seat of the vespa2 (px from 81-83) put on the back of that seat (and It's this one that I need)

How will you proceed to recover products and and to refund me ?



Is there someone at SIP ;-)


hi eleger,

you could just e-mail me to: hanno[at] to fix that problem.

Have a good day.



Hello Hanno,

Thanks for the answer.
I'll send you the original email that I've sent twice to info[at]