Pro Grips ?

Hi all,
Do 'Pro Grip ’ motorcycle grips fit on PX handlebars?
I’m more interested in the gear side, as I’ve gone with a Q/A throttle.
SIP’s site states the diametre at 22-25 mm and lenth at 120mm. My scoot is still in the shop so I can’t measure it/them myself.
I’m not even going to bother with SIP 'coz they don’t bother answering emails!!!
Cheers grimesy

for costabravo e grimesy66,

to take the grip off without using any hot wind you could try to inject with the small needle of a normal medical injection in three or four points of the grip, making the needle touching the metal handle bar, some fuel that you can take from your tank. Inject and then wait and start twisting and pulling the grip.

today I have tried to take the grip off with curare’s advice.
I injected in few points some gas fuel taken from my tank and waited few min., then twisted and pulled the grip and the grip went off with no effort. To take the two grip out, it took me no more then three min., and the grips are perfect, ( a part from the fuel smell).
I really suggest this method to everybody. I don’t think it can be done faster.
tanks curare for your help.

Hair dryer! and fairy liquid[:D]

a last to put the new grip use spray paint …put a litle inside and slide the grip on your handelbar wait 10 minutes to dry and ride!!!

try OURY GRIP!!!

this stuff is too cool!!![H]

I sincerly thank you for your great advice regarding removing old grips, However I get enough strange looks in a Thai chemist /pharmacy/ drug store ( Choose 1) when I ask for surgical gloves and a 100ml syringe for my Vespa’s oil change. Do you think they will believe me when I ask for the needle as well???

Cheers Paul

yes it fit heven if the diametre is shorter (22mm) because the material is very soft …

those OURY grip are made for MTB & it’s (my opinion…)the best!!

very comfortable,no bad vibs,but not for kids hand…

look at this:

<img src="">

and a losts of funky colorz to match your bike!!!

Yes they should fit, the 25mm on is for the throttle side and the 22mm one will stretch onto the 24mm vespa tube, if you feel it is too tight soak the grip in hot water for a while to soften it up, hot tap water will do, don’t use boiling water in case you melt the grip.

Hi all.
Thanks Ade, Did you know the size or did you measure them?

Dayz64, Do OURY GRIPs fit on PX’s? Do you know the sizes or are all grips the same size???

Slidingdog, I ride a Vespa,where the hell would I find a hairdryer???;D

Hi Paul, all motorcycle grips for 7/8" (22mm) handlebars are 22 & 25mm. Bikes with 1" (25mm) bars (Harley D etc) are 25 & 28mm. Vespa gear & throttle tubes are 24 outside diameter, but the internal size is different, gear tubes are 19 internal diameter but throttle tubes are 20 i.d. I found this when i started making bar end weights for vespa bars. LML use 20mm i.d. tube for both gear and throttle. I made a set of bar weights for a mate’s PX, posted them to him, I used my LML ones as a pattern but the gear side wouldn’t fit, I checked it on a PX headset in my garage and found the difference, he had to post one back to me so I could turn it down a bit more. I didn’t realise there was a difference til then. I personally use the foam grips (like on the SIP racers) cos they help to absorb vibration. Ade.

If somebody can tell me how to take the original grip off without destroing it since it seams a tight fit ( I have a millenium PX ).
tanks in advance.