Primavera tunning

I have a 125 primavera T3 and i would like to know what should I buy to power my primavera. I don’t want a race tunning, I use it around the city and near roads so i need it to go up to 120Km/h but i don’t want it to be loud (and have problems with police) neither to break the engine in to weeks. What cylinder, carb and all stuff should i buy?

Do you guys reckon that electronic ignition is totally necessary on a tuned smallframe? I just got an et3 crank for one of my 50’s and now I am wondering if it wouldnt be better to get a pk crank so i can fit the pk stator. Are there any 12 volt electronic ignition systems that will fit an et3 crank?

I think you’ll need to compromise.

Either top end or a torquey motor for town work,you won’t get both.

actually as i have a new maxiscooter for going around the city i think i prefer the top end speed…

bacause besides riding around the city i have to take twice everyday a highway to go to my job…
ok, again… what would be a nice tunning…

so basically with a polini 130, 25 phbl carb,full circle crank and a nice exhaust could i get a decent performance?do i need to change the gear to get the 4th shorter? Thanx Avenger for all the help, maybe i’m asking obvious questions but i’m new on this and don’t know much about mechanics…

This recommendation does make me sound like a broken record but I’d go for.

polini 130, 25 phbl carb, full circle pkxl crank, pkxl stator,HP4, malossi reed on the casings and the humble but excellent leovinci/polini exhaust. For a more sexy pipe ie zirri silent you would ideally need to fit a zirri short 4th gear in order to hit the powerband in top gear. This setup will get you to 120 safely providing transfer & inlet ports are reworked.[:drink:]

yeah but it is a bit harder to get hold of an et3 stator rather than a pk one. If anyone is in the market for some zirri bits there is a complete setup (well almost) on ebay for 400 euros

hwat does this mean? if i get it tunned for riding about 100-120kph it won’t have power to ride in the city? right now my vespa won’t go faster than 70kph so i need to change motor… is there a half way tunning for doing both things?

eletronic ignition is essential. ET3 stator can be easily and cheaply converted to 12 volt.

is it essential to convert ET3 ignition to electronic 12V?i would like to change as less things as possible due to my low budget and low experience on tunning…

So your really after good torque and bottom end power, riding round a city aren’t you? Why do you need a 120kph top end speed?


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