Primavera race setup

Im gonna setup a race Primavera ,But Im On a serious budget at this point so I`m looking for some tuning I can do to the stock cyl. etc. any Ideas would help …CHEERS [:drink:] [:dance3:]

we have 25 differnet cylinders, 20 exhausts, 15 carb kits,… in program.
you must specify your wishes a little bit more.

rgds, alex

Vrmthrax, if you try BEERACE’s cylinder chop, you might also want to try taking the bottom out of the ports to prevent edding of high speed gasses. when the piston is at bottom dead center, you want the bottom of the port to be flush with top of the piston, otherwise exiting gases catch on the lip and mixx around in the cyclinder with the fresh charge diluting it and giving less power. before you do it make sure that at top dead center the new enlarged exhaust port does open up to the crankcase just carefully measure things, if piston goes up and the ehaxuats it open to the crankcase its bad… any there’s loads of things you can do chopping the cylinder and stacking it up will crudely extend the timing of all ports… if your really handy and have a welder and a pile of tools, get a copy of „two-stroke performance tuning“ by A. Grahman Bell… its got a couple of really good chapters, he gives you charts and formulae for working out optimum everything expansion chambers, port durations everything… good luck

Well Vrmthrax, If your budget is really tight you simply wont get a race Primevera engine at the end. BUT, all is not lost. Are you prepared to buy a cylinder kit? If so go to Alex at SIP and get yourself a Malossi 136 cyl to start with. If not, try this, its cheap and works. Take a three transfer pk 125 cyl to a local machine shop, get them to take 2.3 mm off the top of the cylinder. Get a piece of 2.5 mm thick aluminium sheet and make a base gasket with it. Go back to alex and get a cheap expansion. By rights you need to check the clearances, and open the transfers and exhaust port but this does work alone. Top cost approx. $80. Or does your budget allow for up to $500? Go Malossi, cylinder reedvalve, reverse cylinder and Taffspeed race replica exspansion!!!