Primavera in a PKXL


Im rebuilding my PKXL with a primavera engine.
Im setting up as Standard 125, 19/19carb, std exhaust.

What jets should i be using ??

Im also looking to upgrade to a leo vinci (L) secsys, is this a good choice??.. I have to buy the PK version cos the PV will not fit the frame cos of spare wheel, (correct?) ??

Is this a good choice of exhaust ?? & will i need to re-jet ??


im on 12v… already converted…


You’ll need to re-jet upward’s.

Also you’re going back to a 6v ignition system with point’s.Not a good idea IMHO.Look out for a suitable PK stator plate(or rewire yours) and flywheel.

it should have 76-80 main jet, or somewhere in that range. Stick the pipe on and do a „chop“ test on the plug. i ended up with a 90 on the standard motor I had but that don’t mean you may have to go so high (they all behave differently )

I can’t give you jetting advice other than you need to go bigger,sorry.I haven’t used a Leo in years but from what I remember it take’s away any spare wheel holding abilaty.

Go with what your frame need’s(PK) and the manifold bolts.[;)]