Primary for pk50XL2 help!

ive read that a normal primary kit for the pk50 will not fit the XL2? is that true? and is there any solution to this problem? does anybody make a kit that will fit?

 would really like to have the 27\69 on my XL2

Hi ...

Dont worry!

The primary for PK50 fits also on your scoot.

Basically it fits for all smallframes like V50 Primavera PK etc.


The item code is 1533000 with 27/69.



you´re welcome dude !

Hi dude !



Dont worry - it fits, the only that not fit is the PKXL2 Automatic.

But the non Automatic PKXL2 and FL2 will 100% fit.


I´ve checked allready the online description of the item code that you gave me, and its a little bit confusing [:D]




awesome! thanks!

thanks but here it says



The following transmissions match perfectly with the suitable cylinder kits.

They match all small frame Vespas with the exception of PKXL2/FL2 and automatics.

the xl2 has a different clutch. i contacted DRT denis and he had one. :) just wish you had one here as well, so i wouldnt have to mess around with banktransfers snd stuff.