Price in the webshop ????


The 26th of October, I made a pre-order to see how much I hade to pay.

I made a copy/paste into word to save that pre-order (I know...I can do that into the website, but I would like to be sure to save it).
For example, for the article Exhaust SIP T5 PRO Vespa P125 (number SIP0810), the price announced was 134,33 € net.

Today, I go in my saved basket to modify some articles and I've seen that the prices wasn't the same ??? The SIP0810 article costed 155,82 € ???
I've taken my calculator and understood that the prices had benn modified to include the 16% plus value-added tax...Why not...SIP could have made a special note to explain it...

I simulate the order and I discover that the new prices (155.82 € for my example) seems to be without plus value-added tax because SIP add the plus value-added tax after !!!

Is it normal ? I have the impression to pay the tax twice...


I'm now quite sure it's a bug.

Just see page 2 on the scooterclassic catalog "all price include 16% german VAT..." and compare any article with the webstore...

So I'm paying twice the VAT !!!

Could SIP do a corrective maintenance ?



Is there someone at SIP Callcenter ?
How can I do to pay my basket ?


Could the SIP webmaster see that topic and the 2 mails (with joined pieces) that I've done to [email protected], and modify the program ?


I had the German hotline SIP which finally understood the problem well.
The hotline is supposed in speaking with the SIP webmaster which must correct the program.
I wait to see that impatiently.

Tks Hotline German…