Poss pinking prob

Hi All

I have a few questions it might sound a bit stupid but I’ll ask it anyway. I have been told that my scooter (px210) is pinking. I have never experienced pinking before so have no idea what it sounds like. The sound I have is at high revs and it’s like nails in a tin can being shaken about. I have been given some advice about upjetting and have tried a 122, 125, 128, 130, 132 and a 135, With the best results coming from the 128. It’s still rattling with the 128 but not as bad as the others. I have also been told that it could be the timing is this right and If the timing was out could this cause a reduction in top end speed?

Any advice would be great.


Thanks ACE


Yes , it coul be the ignition time.

Ignition time effects greatly the function of your engine.
You need to check it with a strobo light or statically with a dial gauge.
The degree of preignition depends if your engine is standard or you have some kit on or other modification as a higher compression head (standard 23).
If preignition is too much you could end up with an hole to your piston.

E-mailed you, mate.

Hi again Jidoka. By a 210 is it a malossi? are you on a standard exaust? If you are then move your stator, as you look at it, clockwise to the 18 degree mark, if you are running anything approaching a sports exhaust, or an expansion then rotate fully clockwise to the end of the slots. Ive had to file the slots on my 210 retard even further to get the timing right. You should retard timing to 18 degrees even just fitting an expansion, due to increase in heat developed, on a std. p2

Hi Ade, personally Id retard a fraction but it is a suck it job. Running a std barrel and a simonini it probably doesnt need it. Carb size isnt too much of a factor if jetting is correct, but go a tad rich anyway. Saw your scoot in the mag, good job Buddy. Sold a few pipes, all reports good so far, one fitted to std p2, difference is phenomenol over std. Roll on 6-9 months.

BEERACE mate, got my college place and start 1st June. Doing CAD Draughtsman course, will come in handy designing scooter/ bike bits. Not too keen on being away from home for a year but will be worth it in the long run, only come home at weekends. Sorry i missed Newquay, hand and scooter not ready for 6 hour ride yet, not doing any long distance til she is run in properly, at the rate I am going it`s gonna take 2 years to run in. Good luck with your pipes & operation. Ade

Hi Simon (BEERACE) want to pick your brains a little, my LML is a standard PX150 with a Simonini pipe & 26mm S1 carb jetted to suit. I am still running her in so have not tried flat out riding yet, it feels fine at the moment but would you recommend altering the timing to make it even better, i figured the bigger carb would balance out the expansion pipe re running hotter, but as you know I am more of a designer/fabricator than an engine man. Ade.