I have just enlarge my inlet port, I saw something interesting;
when I try to match the Malossi plate on the casing, there’s still some extra material on the way on the casing, see red portions on the picture, when I turn the casing, it’s the same on the other side, it remains some „extra“ material on the plate.

The two big questions are :

  • „Do I have to remove this „extra-material“ to have a good porting?“
  • " Won’t it be too open if I remove this „extra-material?“

This is my setup :

  • PX150
  • Malossi 166cc
  • SIP Performance exhaust
  • Dell’orto PHBH30
  • Reed valves Malossi¨
  • Airfilter Ramair
  • Cylinder and the casings are ported together
  • Dell’Orto Fuel pump
  • Reinforced Clutch
  • 21x65 on the way to be mounted

Hello Curare,

It sems that there is a problem with the picture, check your mail I send the picture right now.

Ok, Curare, it’s clear

Have a nice sunny sunday!!


hello Mikkke,

I can’t open the file to see the picture but I guess you are talking about the material on the clutch side, left side when you see it from the top.
If it is this section that you are talking about, you can’t open it to match perfectly to the Malossi base plate unless you add some material on the clutch side (welding. If you don’t do it you are going to make a see through opening to your carter. So be carefull.
If you have a look on my blog, which address is below, in the archives of the past months you will find some pictures that can be of some help.
( I had a look, right now it is still on the opening page, just scroll to the bottom, the date is 21 of February)

It is what I thought it was. See my first reply.
And have a look at my http://www.vesparacingteam.blogspot.com

there are some very clear pictures.
Now I have to go back to work from my quick pause, if you have other questions I will have a look at 4 - 5 pm.