Have purchased a px125 with mallosi 166 kit,30m dellorto (not reed), race crank but am not sure if it is ported or not. how do i tell if it is or not, if it is’nt done, is it worth while doing and how easy is it to do…i.e. is it a D.I.Y job or scooter shop job…plus what is the difference with standard carb and reed and is it worth converting to reed.
Regards vespanovice;D

You won’t be able to tell with out removing the barrel.

I presume you’re meaning transfers rather than the barrel?If so,the bottom port’s on the barrel should be the same size as the crankcase items and a nicely smoothed finish.

If not,a fairly straight forward job with a dremmel or file as long as you’re careful.Personally I won’t touch a barrel,that’s a job for a tuning shop or someone with more confidence and ability than me.

A reed valve will give you an advantage with this kit but it depend’s on your need’s.Do you want a tourer or racer?

It’s also going to be a good idea to choose your exhaust to your needs-ball’s out or torque.

Give us a bit more insight into what you’re looking for then we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Sure i’ve found the scorpians work well on kitted pxs because of their relatively low gearing.

for the exhaust juank is right about Scorpions. They are extremely good on the high rpm, but they still have a decent lower curve. On the top more or less equivalent of the Taffspeed.
It means nothing better on the mass market.
If you want a little more happening on the mid and low mid go for an RZ either righ hand or the 2000. But what you will gain in the low mid and mid you will loose after 7500.

running on a scorpion exhaust… have barrell of at moment as have just had heat seizure so am cleaning up piston and cylinder.Is it poss to get a good balance between tourer and mutz nutz if not it would have to be mutz nutz all the way.

It’s possible but depend’s on your porting.

If I’m right(and there’s no gaurantee of that[:D] ) then the Scorpian is a more top end inclined pipe but I’m sure Diablo and Curare can advise you better than me.