Port welding on iron barrel

i’ve gone slightly high with my exhaust port, i’m having to run without my packing plate, to bring it down a bit, but this means the transfer duration isn’t optimal. the barell is a modified iron malossi 166. i was just wondering whether anyone has ever tried welding a couple mm of material onto the top of the port. it seems like with some careful file/dremel work it might work?? ozzy

Ozzy, long time no hear. Ive not heard of anyone doing so with any success, you could always raise the transfers, but getting the angle right to get correct scavenge is VERY difficult, then run with a equal thickness cyl head gasket to what the removed pack plate is. WHY did you raise over what you had, surely 19 brake from your 166 was enough? How did the pipe work out? Came up to a club meeting a couple of weeks ago. Gillie and Darren are coming down Monday, check out the website/ dyno.

I know, i know… i got an itchy dremmel… i didn’t think i was going any higher than the highest point on the port? i was just trying to get more area, i leveled out the top edge and went wider, out as far as the piston ring pegs would let me really. does go like stink but i am running it with out the packing and with standard head, which means its a bit pipey with the short transfers… whats this unconventional idea??? anyway i’d better go as the wifes in labour!!! cheers, ozzy

Been having a thunk, and may be able to solve your problem, a bit unorthodox approach but hey, think outside the box. Its not like your casings can get any worse is it. And it may save the barrel. Give me a call

He he, there’s a proper lad, on’t tinternet while wife is giving birth! I can remember asking the midwife is she fancied popping out for a pint at the same time…!