Polossi 208 kit set-up help

Hi ,

 I am experimenting with a W5 Polossi 208 motor , and would like your thoughts on the best combination of bits as listed :-

Cylinder kit = Worb 5 Polini 208 mod'ed with mod'ed malossi 208 Piston & Grand Sport Gudgeon Pin + Worb %5 Cylinder Head [ not centred]

Matched and ported casings , inlet smoothed but not enlarged.

Old stock TCE Cut & Polished Crank

New type 23t Clutch with Taffspeed Springs

T5 Mainshaft and Gear set

T5 Primary  OR  P2 Primary

Si24/24E upjetted OR Si26/26E OR PHBH 28 [ prefer Si if possible]

Polini 208 exhaust OR  RZ Righthand  OR  SitoPlus with Baffles removed [ very very surprising performance !!]

Standard OR HP4 flywheel

Obviously all new bearings and seals etc.


Wnat do you think ?