polini venturi 24mm

what is the difference between the 20mm and 24mm venturi kit... as the inlet on both carbs is 24mm ?


i have been offered a venturi for a 20mm carb and i have a 24mm carb please advise....



have bought a polini ventrui kit 203-0153. for PX 125 150 vespa... this is to be fitted on a lml 125 with a similar carb.. the outlet size of the polini venturi adaptor that sits on the carb is 19.89mm.. and the inlet to the carb is 24mm  why is this ?


surely the venturi size should be 24mm the same as the carb... i have a 20mm carb, and a 24mm carb and both inlets to the carb are 24mm... please notifiy polini of this... and would it be possible to get an updated venturi adaptor for the carb sent out to me ?


thanks Alun

i don't know the answer, but that is a very good question... please post the answer here if you find the answer else where.


the direction for my 20/20 kit says "carburetor air filter kit for vespa px 125/150/200". the directions doesn't actually say anything about carb size... 20/20, 24/24, 26/26 or otherwise. so my only guess is the size of the jet that comes with it would probably be different. have you tried to contact polini directly? i left a message with polini usa and i'll post if they get back to me with an answer.