Polini Thor 200 Voltage regulator



For my Polini Thor 200 (200 cc) paramotor engine I am looking for a voltage regulator / rectifier. The ones Polini supply also need a battery. Due to weight restrictions ( I have to run around with the motor on my back) I do not want to have to install a battery.

The output will be used to power a strobelight and a smartphone charging outlet (navigating).


S.I.P has a Koso part ( http://www.sip-scootershop.com/en/products/voltage+regulator+koso+_kobl000010 ). In the description it mentiones "no battery required".


Can anyone advise if this will work and can be installed on my engine?

A Blue (ground), White (charge) and Red (to "battery") wire currently come out of the engine.