Polini snail on a pk50 electric start

I have a 75cc polini. 19/19 carb and 18/67 primary and standard exhaust! I want to buy a new exhaust but am un sure if a polini snail will fit with the spear wheel holder still in place as I need it to hold the battery? or just buy the right hander under the kick start type? is it as good as the snail? Iam reaching speeds of 37mph but feel the standard pipe is holding it back ! Does an 80/82 main jet sound about right

thankx Richard[:)]


Hello, you'll have to fix the battery/spare wheel holder in an upper position in order to have enough space for the snail. Alternatively go for the righthand (i prefer the snail anyway). 80/82 main jet should be right[;)]

Do I need to do any frame modificatoins to fit a polini snail to my standard pk 50 frame[:P]