polini ?'s

so my crank gave way on my stella (LML) and taking my pinasco top end with it. so im looking for a new top end with more race to it. im not touring with my bike anymore. i was looking at the malossi or polini and saw the worb5 polini. i see that they do a little work to it. is it worth the extra cash? i can dremel and have tuned a little. what do they do? i’ve sent them an email mulitple times asking and cant get a response. so im throwing it out to you guys here. lets get a malossi vs. polini debate going on in the 166 vs 177 cc’s.

here’s my setup worb5 special lip crank for reeds. mmw evo 1 manifold, tarsini (sp) reeds, and undecided on the size of the carb but it will be a mikuni. and JL evo pipe. cosa 21 tooth clutch.

hello typaco23,

tank you for your appreciation.

For the carb I would only use a original Keihin PWK28. Yes is that good. A little better then Mikuni and easier to set up.


with your set up the Polini will work great.
If you use longstroke well worthed the W5 mod. and 1,5mm head gasket.

I find Malossi too revy for normal road use.

thanks curare, your the reason that im considering polini. after going through your blog i was impressed!

any idea on what size carb i should run? i was thinking a 28 or a 30 depending on how much i open up on the cases. im going to weld in the ports and re-cut them to match the polini and add a little extra.

thanks again