Polini power

Dear sip experts,I have just ordered from sip through my local dealer a Polini 177 and a Mazuchelli race crank. To go with this I have a Dellorto 30mm carb, Ram air filter and a Polini exhaust,the casings are going to be matched to the kit.My question is what size jets should I use in the carb and what sort of horsepower/speed should I expect from this set-up? Many thanks Nick

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Hello, you are lucky, your Vespa works!

I installed on my PX a 177 polini kit + a Dellorto PHBH 30mm (SIP page 62, the polini slide valve carburator kit) I have a problem: I think that the carb cant work because it is not in a vertical position (the floater inside the carb close the gas inlet). The carb doesn`t have enought space to be place correctly.

If you have a picture of your install, could you send it to me?
Could you find me a solution please! I need help!

Have a good day!