Polini or malossi 75cc for vespa V50

Hello all,


I want to give my '71 V50 a bit more power with a 75cc cilinder.

Question is: which one is the better one? The malossi or the Polini?


At first I want to keep the standard 16/10 carb.

Any advice?






Sorry but this is nonsense.
With a Polini or a Malossi you need minimum a 16/16 carb with its corresponding manifold and air filter!
Better a 19/19 mm carb.

Imagine of a marathon or a sprint runner with his nose clamped. He wouldn't get to far because he cannot breathe enough to perform.

a combustion engine generates power by combustion. Not enough fuel means not enough power and in our case also unsufficient lubrication (remember your motor oil is mixed with the fuel!) and a lack of cooling (as evaporating fuel generates cold).