Polini Left PK50 vs PK80 joint pipe?


It seems I bought wrong pipe for my vespa. I have PK50 with 75ccm cylinder and thought I should buy PK80 Polini pipe. Now it seems that connection to the cylinder is slightly larger and I've got the air leak.

Is there any way to buy PK50 Polini joint pipe on it's own or maybe there's some work around to get rid of the air leak?

Also are these 2 exhausts the same with only different joint pipe or do they have different characteristics?

I've searched all over the net but couldn't find any answers. Please help!!!


I cannot assure you with total certainty but 99% the two exhaust are identical, the difference should be only in the joint pipe.


I've cut custom packing from aluminium. Outer size to match the joint pipe, inner hole to match the outlet diameter. Connected packing <-> joint pipe with Dirko sealant. No more air leak. Works like a charm :)