Polini Kit for a T5

Anyone use one of these? Can you give me some feedback on the reliability or things to look out for?


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I have used the Polini kit and the Malossi 172 and the Malossi kit for T5 is more powerful and at the same time more reliable.

You can use with 28 or 30 carb

to upgearing use the Cosa clutch 21 teeth. You will get useful 5% longer ratio.

Don’t get longer gearing, as 23/65, P200 primary and christmas three, it is too long for The way T5 kit spread power.

As far as concern exhausts, I have tried them all, for t5 either I will put a Sito plus for morer basic tuning or if you can afford go for a PM.

If you have other questions it is better you write on Classic board.