Polini barrel face

as many of you are aware im havin probs with my new 177 polini,well after strippin engine over the weekend to replace a very shattered cruciform and an even more shattered selector rod,lookin at my barrel eye noticed a small hole just under a port,its like some of the barrel has come away leaving the darker metal underneath.its not as if its nicasil linned or anything.is this a manufacturing fault,or maybe somethin else,what shall i do as there is only 600 mls on the kit,ive e mailed sip and awaitin a reply

With the warranty I dont know the situation in germany, but if you had purchased it in the uk the goods have to be fit for their purpose. Your waranty is with SIP not Polini, if SIP sell you faulty equipment they have to replace it even if they dont get it replaced by polini. By purchasing goods from SIP you have entered into a contract, which has been breached by SIP, therefore you are entitled to either have the goods replaced or a full refund. I know that Sip will quote german law, but this is now supersecded by EU law when dealing with other member states.

My advice would be to give them a hard time until you get it sorted.

MTL,the chat thing on this board seems a bit lame,send an e mail to [email protected] and I will stick you on my msn messenger thing,that will be easier

Can I chat on msn without installing messenger?

Vespa… its not just a scooter, its a way of life!

Everybody go to Wellermans site on the above link, its a cool site and the chat works really well.

[?[] I will have to think long and hard be for i put in an order again , look after the people how keep you in business?[:’(]

Hi there,I had this problem with the Polini from SIP,they wanted it sent back for inspection when it decided to shatter its piston after 250 miles.I got the hump and in the end had the barrel honed and the dealer in England who used the parts I ordered to build my engine replaced the piston himself,that is why its ok using the likes of Sip for cheap parts but really you cant beat paying a few quid more and be treated reasonably when things go wrong…support your English dealers coz this is a prime example of what happens when you dont!!! On a positive note stick with the Polini kit mate coz its a blinding rev monster when set up properly

well boys i finally got my answer this morning>no warrenty!shall never use these people again,there after sales is crap. quoteunquote.as many have said a bit cheaper but not worth the agro when things go wrong.shall be using the uk dealers again,that was my first purchase from sip and the last, pay the extra and get the service you deserve.they even had the balls to try and sell me a malossi kit instead of another polini,just a way to get your money,so sip,well i wouldnt want to type what i want to say so the second word is off!use your imagination for the first one!!![:angry:]

So what you are actually saying is that you sell low quality polini kits without any kind of warranty apart from being damaged in the post.

I would agree that improperly installed equipment and its susequent faliure would not be under warranty, however, genuine claims under warranty should be accepted.

Goods that are sold for a particlar purpose should be fit for that purpose, and any subsequent faliure when installed properly should be covered under warranty.

It sounds like you do not have any faith in the product you sell, that being the case why do you continue to sell low quality products?

Have you had a heat sieze? Is there a coresponding mark on the piston? If not it sounds like a manufactoring defect to me.

well still no reply.sent a rather nasty mail quotin what you told me mtl,will have to wait and see what happens tomorrow i guess,checked out wellermans site, very very good would recomend it[H]

Sure does mate,go into the chat section and I will tell you what its had done to it
http://groups.msn.com/wellermansscootersite/scooterup ;D

MTL, I cant use ICQ as the 3 occaisions I used it it fooked my pc right up,have put you on my MSN contacts so when you are on will have a chat about the spec of my engine

Support your local dealer boys is the moral of this tale…big time!! I personally use Autowheels in Dartford,01322 223165 I had the same trouble as you with a Polini and even though the kit came from Sip the dealer put it right, thats what you want dealers who care about scooterists and bend over backwards for you,not saying Sip dont care but the distance between you and them causes major problems!
Keep it British boys for your actual spanner work and bits you need a warranty on!!
http://groups.msn.com/wellermansscootersite/scooterup [:bounce:]

yes mt.i work nites so its hard tryin to get in touch.got email this mornin sayin they would replace it,then got one two mins later sayin polini dont cover warrenty on racin kits,e mailed back just b4 t time so i wont no till mon i expect.this isnt on!!!i no its not sips fault, but im truelly f… off with this,you no all the trouble ive bin havin with this shit.i must look out the info sheet supplied with the kit and read the warranty info.ps how can i get you the photos, dont no how, pps remember iwas lookin a t5 front end to convert a px !got a full frame minus engine and speedo and seat all for £100…happy days now got two mk1 t5s [:dance1:]

Im sure most users on this board would like to know the outcome. I myself often use SIP, if they dont offer any kind of warranty, I will think twice b4 ordering again.

Any news on the situation?

Vespa… its not just a scooter, its a way of life!

I can go into your chat area on your site without using messenger, so I will c u there.

So Wellerman does your machine run at high speeds without overheating problems?

I dont really use msn, you can allways find me on ICQ No. 173338169