Polini 210 vs malossi 210

Can somebody tell me which kit to buy , i get different answers from dealers but i would like the truth .
Obviously malossi has the reputation but costs more to buy and my mate has just b***n his up .
I have a completely standard 1997 PX200e , exept i have just fitted a brand new scorpion pipe which has made it go crap in 4th unless i ride off a cliff !!!
I only want to spend about 200 quid on the engine and would rather not go through the hassle and cost of matching the casings, if i fitted for example a polini kit + polini 28 mil carb kit and manifold would there be much point without matching the casings ?
Bedlams are doing the polini kit (minus the head) for £100 which is tempting.
Heres hoping someone can put some light on the subject …
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personly would go for the malossi as its more forgiving!
used to run a polini wich was faster but the pistons kept breaking, wether it was my inexperence or just bad luck I dont know. I now run a malossi with no problems just every thing else seems to break!
ps do you know why your mates bike blew up
have you treid just porting the standerd barrel?worth a go if your replacing it anyway

Yes,if its lee’s old bike we took the flywheel off but can’t rember if we moved it or not,but I know it wasn’t on p2 timeing marks it was slow when he had it but put that down to him riding camply!
I never ported a standerd barrel but if you want to donate yours I’ll give it a go!!!
I think youve got a friday vespa
give us an email if stuck ;D [:D]

Apparently it was a fix !!!
And Walspeed are crap , Ha Ha Ha
Just kiddin .

If you dont want to match the casings maybe you should consider the Pinasco kit which doesnt use the crankcase transfers.
Its more expensive than the polini but not as much as malossi.

Sorry if ive confused things more with another option.


If you get stuck, just ask walspeed,best lambretta at Exmouth!(ASK OGGIE);D

Hey wal , tell me about the timing probs , gilly said that youve spoken to ogg and that you had the same probs as me, and that the timing was out .
Ive heard that around 97 they changed the timing to comply with the new emissions.
Is this true ?
Also have you ever ported a standard 200 barrel and piston , vespadoctor on this site reckons its not hard and will make a good bit of difference.
See Ya.

didge, remember me? Owain from isca? little red PK. remeber I was considering chopping a T5 motor into the PK… well I ended up rebuilding a PX125 with malossi 166, 30mil reed ect and sticking that in it instead and chopped the frame… I did the casings for the reed and shaun from isca club helped me with the transfers, it’s really not that hard, get a rasp type bit for the dremel and get stuck in, just use the gasket and port windows to mark out where your going on the casings. use a sanding bit to finish the grinding… don’t suppose you have an old PX stator lying around, mine is dead and I’m itching to get the thing going.

You just use the new base gasket as a template and go to work with a dremel. You get instructions with the kit on how to modify the inlet port timing and the crank web. The only tricky one is the inlet port, make a mistake and you rotary valve is dead. I didnt modify the inlet valve for that very reason, but could still hit 85mph.

Sorry ozz no i havent , give us a shout when your on the road or pop around it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. Ive got rid of the T5 now and got a sluggy px200.
See ya.

You would be better to match the casings, its p*ss easy anyway.
Also whichever kit you choose there are three mega important items: cylinder head, cylinder head, and cylinder head!!
Get this right and your troubles are over.
I’ve found the best is the latest Y2K PX200 disc head modified to suit. No pinking ever! Use the standard P200 carb if you like. I’m using the std carb, malossi 210, 60mm crank, JL RH pipe. Very reliable, & economical. Takes off at 70mph.

yes some p2s came with the timein set to IT,18degrees which is the 125 setting.

He was winning till I turned up! ;D ;D

Thanks for the replys , i have read a few posts where people have matched the casings themselves ( dremel ) .
Do you know if this works well and how far do you go ?
Many thanks