Polini 210 assembly

Hi all!

I'm in the process of building a polini 210 in a 2001 px disc, alloy cylinder. So far I have the kit, a 60mm Maz crank, MMW cylinder head to take the crank, Touren light flywheel, 30mm delorto, JL sip evo exhaust and a five plate clutch kit with uprated springs.. I shall of course be beefing up the bearings and seals, and matching the ports. Couple of questions though, do I need to alter my gearing, put in a t5 4th gear, and should I get a banded clutch basket? I'm after grunt/torque as there's a lot of hills round here. I was hoping 3rd to 4th would be ok because of said grunt but would like to know if anyone has experience of this. I shall post a diary of the build on here with plenty of pictures...[;)]

Regards Parmo  

I have a very similar set up. Near identical except a cast barrel. Pulls like a train. Standard P200 gear ratios and SIP race basket.

And the now to the point, I have a 60mm gas flow crank too. If you do the port timing calcs this makes the Polini a bit de tuned, will pull harder but not rev out. As its not so hilly where I am I put a 2.0 mm jack up on, a skimmed flat head (28cc) and a bit of home porting :). Not noticed any drop in torque and now it revs to 8500....in 3rd and 8000 in 4th. I am now saving up for a flat slide 30mm carb!

How did yours work out?




Pierre, I don't know where you read that. I have a 2mm base gasket on mine with a skimmed flat head. really very impressive. A thin base gasket and dished head will make it slow to rev and less BHP. At least it will be economical!


cool, I've just ordered the weld on ring for the clutch basket too, thanks for the info.



you can use this kit only with a 1,5 base gasket. So a short 4th or extra short 4th (37teeth) is needed.


Buy a ring clutch - you will need it!


a carb 28 and up is a fine add.....;-)




dude, px my had short 4th gear..!

a reinforced clutch basket it's VERY recommended