Polini 209c.c. for Atalntic 125 4 T

									Hello from Spain<br><br>Please, if there is somebody has

mounted this kit, I it would like to know its opinion on the quality of
he himself, specially its reliability of the day to day, and if  60%
city/40% road will be appropriate for  use.
Thank you very much by its answers.
A greeting to all from warm Spain.

is your opinion. I do not look for to increase the terminal velocity
specially, but to be able to raise the hills of the highway with a good

Sorry for my bad english, and thanks to all.

hi ...


first you have to know if you want to spend a lot of money for your power increasement !

the problem with the 4 Stroke engine is, that you have to change a lot of more parts than the 2 Stroke engine...


You dont have the possibility to increase only with your Cylinder and your Exhaust like the 2 Stroke engine.

You need other Cylinder , Carb or Injection, Exhaust, Camshaft, Cam Springs, Variator and the Cluth