Polini 177cc and Polini exhausts, carburator?

I have a PX125 with Polini 177cc and Polini exhausts and standard 20/20 carburator. Do i need to put a bigger mainjet on the carburator? Can I drve with standard setting or may I damage the engine?

Dont use the standerd jetting!or mister sieze will come to town[:)] probably need about 110/108

or more if ported cases, but go high then work your way down, always checking spark colour

unless its a new 06 px as these have a tiny inlet, so might have to go down to about 106/104 on the jetting ,

Was doing 95 km/h and let of the trotel and the egine stalled, think I heat siezed the egine. The barrel was not stuck but I think it was a siezed. Lesson learned; Polini needs a bigger carburator, originale is to small! The egine seemes fine, but I think the barrel got some damage. Polini sucks!!

The spark plug is brown and no sign of doing lean.

I am going too buy a new racing cylinderkit: Pinasco and a bigger carburator; 24/24 D.



Fitted BE3 and 110 main jet and the egine are buzzing like a wasp :)

I want to buy a new exhaust system because I want more power. Any adwise for new exhausts?

I am in agreement with slidingdog, try with 110 main jet and 55 iddle jet.