Polini 177 Jetting

Have a PM pipe, 24mm carb, opened casing,177polini kit
What jets, timing setup should I use ?

Nipped up a couple of times after fitting at scootershop and knackered 2 pistons.

im usin a standard 125 carb with a 110 main,a b3 air and i think a 140 not sure will have to check, on a pollini pipe.its comin out today!back to standard! ive lots of piston slap due to nips!think its pinkin too but not sure as ive posted earlier.usin octain booster pro boost still that noise so im goin to strip to inspect.absalutly nailed it all day yesterday to get it to sieze but just wouldnt!!!so i dont no!sittin around 70mph!couldnt get the dam ting to sieze!!! ps timin should be 18 degrees as standard,will lte you no what i find.any one no were i can get the rework done on the barrel and head and new oversize piston?

I would think that something around 120 would be about right for the jet. Start with that as see how it feels. If it coughs and splutters go down to 118 or 115. If it goes better when you pull the choke out (whilst riding) go up to 122 or 125. What did you have in when it siezed?

Can’t remember the timing. It is in the fitting instructions though. Do you not get one of them with the kit?

well back to a bog standard px 125 dugh!!! so dead cant wait till the good weather ta get the t5 out!well were shall i begin.cant remember who posted a piece about a rattle who thought it was a bearing,i thought that toio and changed them all to no effect!IT IS DEFFO PISTON SLAP U HEAR!i could have gottin a pencil down between my pis a barrel for gods sake really bad,considerin theres only about 3000 miles on it if that!there is not a rattle or squeeeek out of it now,but seriously deaddddd 55 flat out is noooo goood.must try and scrounge up a t5 or p2 motor for it now.reckon there wasnt too many miles left on the old pollini kit before a major detonation and me on my arse up the road.well back to the drawing board

Had polini 177 in when seized, now been honed at shop but he seems nearly as clueless as me. Now says I may need a T5 24mm carb.

First time it nipped just b4 chrimbo, honed barrel and fitted new piston (177) then seized chrimbo eve. Took it to Armandos found out crank was out 38 degrees! and still running.

On two wheels was the culprit sent me out without checking the crank, but hes fixing it properly now, says hell use a strobe light to set timing (thought he`d done that b4).