Polini 177 heat

[:@] please help , just run in my polini 177,wiyh two minor heat nips.runnin a 110 main, 160 air and a b4 on standard carb, polini pipe, o and a denso w22 plug. its now got to the stage were im scared to take it over say 50 55.both nips have happened when say sittin 55,lettin off and then back on the power again if you no what i mean, do i bin the kit and go standard again or is there somethin else wrong., by the way the plug colour is a perfect choco brown, 55 surely that cant be rite,standard does that, but pulling power and up hill power fantastic, none of this droppin to 45, 40 on a hill or a head wind,please help as im totaly … off with this kit at the mo,despite bein advised by some that this would be the best option

Does it start pinking at 50 - 55? Have you had the cylinderhead modified correctly? On my Polini 210 you could tell when it was about to seize as it was pinking, if you hear pinking slow down, dont continue at that speed. Check that the timing is correct, I think its meant to be 16 degrees on that kit, but im not sure, if so move it to 15 degrees and see if it improves.

thanx,there is a noise at about 50, but i dont no if it is the exhaust or not,well thats what my speedo says lol.ive the timing set dead on IT.from what youve said i dont think thats rite for a start.if lookin straight on do i turn the stator clockwise and if so how far round, rite to the end do you think? i really want to get this thing reliable with a bit of rumph.need to get it sorted for fleetwood as im travelin from n.ireland. thanx again[:’(]

If it sounds like a can of marbles in the cylinder, a rattling sound, it pinking and is caused by overheating. Move your stator 1mm past the IT mark, turning the stator clock wise. If that doesnt work try 2mm. I am sure it will overheat at 18 degrees (IT).