Polini 133 and 130 kit the same thing?


I’m a little confused here. Ive been reading up on the polini 130 kit on worb5, but it seems as though they interchange 130 and 133 alot. Are these two in fact the same kit? Or is there a 130cc polini rotary valve induction kit and also a 133 double induction kit?

The main reason im confused is that they offer a gs piston for use with the 133 kit but then they say that it does the same thing as another modification they offer for the 130 kit.

Thanks again folks

No,the twin induction is generally regardrd as a bit of as a bit of a pain in the arse.A nightmare to keep the carb’s balanced and in reality it give’s very little gain for a lot of extra hassle.

Do you remember the Pinasco twin induction’s?Same deal.


Same kit,some call them the 130 and other’s the 133.



So does that mean that the polini kit that everyoner raves about is actually a double intake job? I thought it was a nice simple crank case intake jobby.

Ah ok ,
So there is a polini 133 double intake as well as the standard one? Cos on ebay there always seem to be polini 133 kits which are doppelausenger or something like that, plus on the scooterhelp page they do a polini 130 install which has the intake on the barrel, which im assuming is another double job.

Bloody confusin

don’t touch the double intake version. Polini’s are in fact 130cc.