Polini 130 nuther question

So how much oil for this beast? (%) Any more than normal for running in?

Polini 130

Mazzy gas flow crank

Upgear kit

Dellorto 24/25mm PBHB

Leo Vince performance exhaust (hopefully)

PK 125 donor engine

Think that’s about it…



I always run in with semi synthetic at maybe 3%. This is to allow the piston to bed in properly. Fully synthetics are that good they can actually hinder the running in process

Yeah just to run in. Are you keeping auto lube? If so add 1% oil to the petrol. Once its run in you might get away with auto lube and fully synthetic. Polinis are good kits but not as well made as malossi. Wiyh this in mind have a good look at the barrel and dress all the sharp edges with a file or dremmel attachement. Pay special attention around the exhaust and tranfer ports. Sharp edges increase ring wear and cause heat-if you imagine how quickly a pin glows red in a naked flame you get the idea. Also never reuse the piston circlips on a polini if its a second hand kit. Polinis also are more reliable if the tranfers are matched. This is becuase the extra fuel also cools the piston.
Hope this is of help.

I had always thought fully synthetics were best , but I’ve been using semi since I got my new PX150 purely as that what teh dealer gave me.

Should I switch to full now ?

And if so , should I drain the semi out first ?

Fully synthetic is best this is just to run in with. Semi synthetic will mix with fully ok. If your bike is standard good quality semi synthetic is fine.

I’m fitting a Polini 180 next week , still best with semi ?

Thanks for that.

Excellent info - thanks diablo.


very good suggestion from diablo.

You should always smooth the sharp edges from the ports, I think this is called chanfering.
I do it all the times.
If you put some extra oil on your tank put next bigger size jet since depending on the ammount of percentage of oil you will add you will have more percentage of oil but with the same jet will pass less fuel so you will run leaner. But 1% more should be negligeble.