Polini 12 reed valve manifold

Hey folks,
Any opinions on these reed setups would be greatly appreciated, i wanna fit one of these with a malossi 210 with a 30mm mikuni and matched transfers and standard crank, not sure of the pipe ill use but cos of price it will probably be a scootrs job.

Any opinions on the above setup would be greatly appreciated


hello Diablo,

I would start with :
slow : 48
main : 140
needle: JJG
needle clip : 3rd position from top
slide cut away: 4

Please keep me updated for my notes if this setting is more or less OK with the Scorpion exhaust.

Curare your back! Could you kindly supply some jetting instuctions for a keihn carb (30mm) for a 210 malossi reedvalve c/w scorpian exhaust please.

I don’t know Polini reed block for big frame either. Maybe you have seen one for the small fram block.

MRB are good reed block, and the MMW are very well made.
Just be carefull wich kind of engine case you have. The MMW2 can’t fit in some of them since its opening is very long.

Here tis

Hi, Can’t find that manifold. I use MRB manifold and they work very well. They do cause problems with the carb hitting the frame though. If your going to build a decent engine don’t scrimp on the exhaust.