PM40 EVO Pipe

Anyone know can u fit a 3.50 tire on with this pipe (swingarm & shocky mount need altering) but will exhaust accomodate

A 3.50 tyre should fit with this pipe but if youre spending this much on it, phone P.M. and ask them. Sorry im not able to supply you yet, couldve saved you a £100 in 6-9 months time. I love smallframes and have not had any probs mounting a 3.50 in the swing arm area and just move the top shock mount back about an inch or so.

Paul from PM esponded confirming 3.50 fitment is possible, but i understand that the swingarm is also in need of a little milling if you go for 3.50 x10 P2 size unless you go for some of the new fangled metric sized lower profiles