Pm tuning pipe and 116 jet?

just installed pm tuning pipe on a stock px200…
pm instructions said 116 or 118 main jet.

im running the stock main jet (116?) and plug colour is a fairly light brown

should i use a 118 main to be safe? [:roll:]


Almost definatley use the 118,personally I’d get a 120 too just incase.

Try the 118 and check your plug again,you’re aiming for a chocolatey brown.If still light then fit the 120 and see how it run’s
although it’s unlikey it’ll need that much on a standard bike.

That exactly right, auto lube is a 116 and non autolube is a 118,


Still makes me curious (scared even) that I’ve only got a 102 in my PX150 (now 180 Polini) - all supplied by PM, to go with their Evo24.

yeh anno,they say stock main for t5s also[?[] [?[] [?[] 110 im running 112. also if i remember there are 2 different standard main jet settings for the with auto lube and one without.cant remember off hand but i think an autolube runs a 116 and a non auto runs a 118 standard (same as a rally) so thats worth taking into account too.

hi JuanK

thanks for the quick response!