PM Tuning exhaust on standard PX200 - quick report


For those interested on fitting a non-standard exhaust to their bog-standard PX200, I want to give you some feedback on fitting a PM Tuning pipe:

Why did I choose PM Tuning? Basically, I read ALL posts in this forum, and the consensus of those who know is:
(a) Sito Plus. A little more power with less ground clearance. Advantage: Nothing else to change, no new jetting, nothing. Just bolt on and go. Disadvantage: Less ground clearance, with not much power gain; Less well-built than standard Piaggio exhaust; Does not look different from standard.
(b) Simonini right side. More power than with Sito Plus (more revs) and relatively cheap. But also less torque. Looks?..But - according to people on this forum - works quite well with standard engine.
© PM Tuning. The more (most?..) expensive option. Also recommended with standard PX200 engine. Advantage: English-built (apparently the Brits are the best at it. Have I started a controversial issue here?..:)). Well, mine is certainly well-built - the chrome version for PX200 with silver rear can. Another advantage - and probably the deal-clincher: Yes, there is a marked difference in performance from the standard exhaust. The engine definitely revs higher, for instance, with standard exhaust, approx. 80kph in 3rd gear; about 95kph now with the PM Tuning. Acceleration is also much brisker and the engine just sounds more healthy, it feels smoother. Sound? Well, it ain’t quiet…Definitely louder than a friend’s SIP Performance (with Pinasco 215), and I think louder than ScootRS as well (another friend). But I love the sound, though. Another advantage: the spare wheel can be kept on, mine went on without any spacers needed. Also, not many modifications required: three things: a bigger jet (116 → 118), a small hole drilled in air filter (how-to directions in PM Tuning leaflet that comes with pipe) and, finally, changing to a racing NGK spark plug. That’s it. Disadvantages: Fiddly to install. Parts didn’t fit straight out of the box, had to be drilled, adjusted to fit. My friend’s SIP, in comparison, just slid in straight away. Another thing: the end can (next to rear wheel) points down somewhat whereas in a picture that accompanies this exhaust on the PM Tuning website, the end can is horizontal to the ground. Mine looks quite close to the ground (because it points down). So it’s a bit different than expected in that regard. Still, not a bad look anyway…
But the good thing is that it seems better suited to a standard PX engine than the SIP Performance pipe. Not that much torque loss either that it would bother me.

Overall: I like it. Much nicer to ride now, way better sound to my ears and looks cool. Thank you all for your consistent advise!