PM T5 pipe

Anyone here have a PM pipe on a t5 with a stock carb and 172 kit and 21 tooth gear. I want to know what the power is like. When the power starts to build and what the over rev is like. Mostly want a touring style pipe, mostly like a broadhurst lammy pipe but for my t5er. I ride solo alot but do carry the misses around at ralleys. So low rpm power cant suck balls. I’m leaning towards the taffspeed or the pm. Speak up, help your t5 breathren out.

Chad B.

What manifold/carb are you using? I know that can be a big difference. What you said seems like the opposite of what I would have guessed each exhaust would do. But thats why you have to do the research before you buy. Thanks a whole lot.

Chad B.

I’ve read the other posts but need someone to comment who has had the PM on a t5 or a PM and a Taffspeed on a t5. Don’t what a to beat a topic thats already going on.

Chad B.


I have tried PM and Taffspeed on my T5 with malossi kit.

The taffspeed has mor a kick entry power band at preatty high rpm, I would say it get serius at about 7000, but there is not a lot from 5000 to 6500 so before shifting gear you have to streach it.
PM has a better power spread much more linear but less top power,but from 4500 to 6500 constant more power. At the end I prefered the PM because to get the top power of the taffspeed I coudn’t get it that easily.[:roll:]

… I am using Malossi reed with a pwk28[:roll:]